• Sound Embrace Oversize Tee - Lavender Floss
  • Sound Embrace Oversize Tee - Lavender Floss

Sound Embrace Oversize Tee - Lavender Floss

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  • Heavyweight box fit tee
  • Front and back graphic
  • Gender-inclusive style
  • Designed in Melbourne, Australia

  • 50% Recycled Cotton 50% Cotton
  • 280gsm Heavyweight Jersey

  • Gender-inclusive sizing
  • Oversized box fit

To ensure that your Nu Feelings garments stay fresh, follow these care instructions:

1. Cold wash

Machine wash your Nu Feelings attire in cold water or hand wash for optimal color preservation. Cold water helps maintain the richness of the colors, ensuring your pieces stay as vibrant as when you first got them.

2. Go inside-out

Turn your clothes inside out before washing to protect the designs and ensure longevity. This simple step helps keep your Nu Feelings gear looking sharp and ready for any occasion.

3. Air dry

After washing, hang your garments to air dry. This gentle method allows your clothes to breathe and rejuvenate without the risk of shrinking. Skip the tumble dry for a more delicate touch.

4. Avoid the iron

If you absolutely need to iron, do so with care. Iron your clothes inside out, avoiding direct contact with the prints. This extra step ensures your Nu Feelings pieces maintain their crispness without compromising the intricate details.

5. Wear and tell:

Remember, Nu Feelings is your companion on the journey through the rave wilderness. While we've crafted our pieces to withstand the energy of the dance floor, we can't control every rave adventure. Nu Feelings isn't responsible for any damages that may occur, but we believe every mark tells a story of a wild, unforgettable night.